My train is running Debian...

Normally it just shows the PXE boot screen when it's not working.
Seems like they've improved 😂

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    The checkouts here run Windows XP PE. Count yourself lucky!
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    Everything here runs on Windows XP PE as well... Except for the train conductors... They seem to run on coffee from the Kiosk...
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    Lol what? DB runs on linux? I'd never expected that.
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    Oh they ran out of M$ budget?
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    @davebyrne I did work for a bank once where the ATM was XP, the tellers were windows 7 (new at the time) the pin readers was a custom version of Linux, I think the vault PC had Linux ( but it was mostly isolated ) and the managers used Mac laptops. Router only had the SSID changed and no firewall or monitoring software installed. I Could not get out of that network faster.
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    Seems like I actually did a repost of that. Sorry 😂
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    @ng1905 Ohhhh nooo, shame on you! 😶
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