A lady has brought her iMac onto the train! Has she not heard of a laptop?? wtf!!!

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    What if she had to transport it for whatever reason and decided to use it in the meantime?
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    What the shit why are the so many reporters asking for permission to use that photo? I think very very very lowly of reporters, but I still wouldn't have thought this would be news in several outlets...

    Also, why the code tag?
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    She probably doesn't have money left for a laptop
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    @busuu If you know it's overpriced why do you still want to by it instead of a proper computer?
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    @busuu that's the only good reason to get one.
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    @620hun yup, there's no telling about the actual context of it, except from immediate assumption.
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    The next step is taking you pc and a 3 monitor setup on the train, maximum productivity
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    @busuu why not use xamarin for iOS development on a windows platform? (granted: not ideal, but it is an alternative)
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    @wolt there's some good reporters, but they usually have editors that don't let them write what they want so they end up knuckling under and being like every other reporter...
    Add yeah, people that get away with terrible shit usually get away with it anyway while normal, good people get ass-fucked because of idiot reporters...

    Yes, I'm biased... I don't care, fuck reporters!
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    @wolt ideally, I agree. Unfortunately, shilly is almost exclusively the name of the game... And when someone can ruin someones life over a little money I can't say anything than fuck that person.
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    @Prutser but you wont be able to build to iOS or macOS, you still need macOS to build for those devices.
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    Why does she have Counter-Strike installed though?
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    I guess Apple needs to think about adding touchscreen on iMac. Ppl will like it as a new iPad 😂
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    @busuu buy a decent laptop and a car instead
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    @busuu are you sure? Almost anything can be used to program with.
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