Do you live alone? Do you work hard and barely have time to do things?
Please tell me how you eat 3 meals of healthy food. If you do of course..

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    Sometimes i step out in the garden at night and look to the stars. Instantly i feel small and every bullshit that bothers me seems insignificant for a moment.
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    I find that planning meals in advance, buying all the ingredients you need, helps. Also slow cooker recipes that I can start in the morning and are done when I get home (and they're basically impossible to mess up, which is a bonus).

    Also, freezer friendly foods like soups and stews are great because they can be made healthy and will stretch a long time.
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    3 healthy meals a day!? Doc (one of my schizophrenic alter egos) tells me 1 large pizza every 36 hours + unlimited coffee + 3 hours sleep/day will keep me running just fine!

    But I'll follow this topic as I'm starting to distrust this guy giving me a new infusion right now...
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    yeah live alone and work at home but no 3 meals per day. i just skip breakfast and lunch and finish work as fast as i can to create enough time to cook myself something nice
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    Ahahah 3 meals a day
    Luxury I tell you 😛
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    Priorities man, priorities. Don't make hard long work your highest priority. Make well-being the highest one. You will thank yourself in 20 years time for watching out for yourself
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    Been mostly wfh for a few months but when I go to the office, a big motivation is food...
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    It really depends, if you work from home it might be easier. My breakfast is simple, just coffee with bread or something else, I don't like to eat that much in the morning. Then lunch is the biggest meal I have, I started cooking last year, so now I can have it ready in less than 30min, it just requires practice and taking some time. Dinner can be anything, it really depends on my mood. If you work from home you just need to organize your time to allow doing those things, if working in an office and having to drive home is a completely different story, but it can be done, or you might go to some healthy restaurants, this wouldn't be that cheap but it's an option if you don't want to take your time to cook.
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    I had to change my diet: 1 power bar plus coffee in the morning, a couple of fresh red peppers, low fat cheese, and some sort of light bread for lunch. then a light snack and another coffee in the afternoon. dinner is open.
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