You know how they write "100% natural" on food items? I want to try food that is 99% natural, e.g. containing certain stuff that cannot exist in our universe

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    Man, do I have the store for you.


    You have no idea what's in store for you.
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    @sariel What the hell did i just watch
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    @sariel If all ads were like this one I'd uninstall my adblocker lol.
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    @Frederick I'm asking myself the same question.
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    @deadlyRants @Frederick @kiki this is actually a real place. The address on the commercial should still be accurate.

    It's mostly an art installation that is a fun-house/puzzle adventure.

    It's fun as hell and highly recommended.

    There's more commercials to warp your mind too.

    Also, that video is a perfect representation of every dream I've had.
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    Natural doesn’t mean that it can exist in our universe. It just means that it occurs in nature (as apposed to made by technology). Of course, "natural" as an ad for a product does’t mean anything and is just marketing bullshit.

    Relevant xkcd:
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