I am officially a retard.

I was DOing hard refresh multiple time and making changes on the code.

nothing seems to happen.

after quite a while, I realized I was refreshing the deployed site and not the local one.

kill me.

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    If this hasn't happened to you, you probably haven't been a dev long enough.
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    this happens to me at least once a week
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    It really be like that most of the time
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    Yep, just last week I was happily making changes in my dev environment and was getting worried why nothing was taking effect... On the staging site I was looking at.

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    When our devop guy deployed the app after hours of struggle on productive. Then shut it down instead and deleted everything including data - thinking he is cleaning up his local environment. Then he went happy to bed and woke up Email hell xD
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    You really go hard on yourself sometimes don’t you
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    "I am officially a retard."

    Welcome to the club.

    Everyone, welcome our new member.
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    happens to me at least once a week
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    @useVim remember, once, a Mars probe burned down in the atmosphere because NASA used metric, and Lockheed used imperial.

    That error costed $125M. Adjusted for inflation, it's $217M. Enough to buy 44 metric tons worth of iPhone 13 Pros.

    You're not doing that bad.
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