I left my previous company because my tech leadership was insensitive and agressive.

However, I am in a start-up right now and CTO is a nut job.

He creates random Slack threads and keeps messaging me like crazy. The co-founders have shut him down multiple times and yet his only success metric is "number of deliveries".

The other day something broke in production and teams were discussing about resolving the bug in one of the Slack channels.

CTO literally wrote this and I wish I was making this up, "let us not look at the logs and trust our code to work fine."

I was baffled and confused. I realised me leaving my previous organisation because of such tech leadership was a stupid decision.

Crows are black everywhere.

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    Sounds like the guy is cracking under pressure or wants out of his contract and can't quit without breach.

    You weren't wrong in leaving your previous company, your points are still valid. You just took a hard detour through crazytown. Just make sure you're just passing through though.

    Unless, you like crazytown...
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    @sariel I mean current and previous orgs, both were good and bad in their respective ways.

    Holistically, I don't think there's much difference.

    It's just that with this company, I opened up the entire national level market for myself.
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    Another thing my CTO told me is, "in my 26 years of career, wherever I went, the product never supported me."

    I was so tempted to tell him that, "if you go everywhere and it smells shit then you are the asshole."

    Three weeks in and every engineer comes me to and tells me that CTO has made their lives hell by making them work overtime and weekends.
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    Is this Silicon Valley?!
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