I chose my next milestone as a dev. I’m gonna ask a question on stackoverflow. I just need a question πŸ€”

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    You will have to browse the site(s) with enough keywords to ensure you don't end up creating a duplicate question

    But if yours is genuine, and avoids the small talk and gets straight to the problem with a reproducible test case, you are going to get enough attention and answers
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    Same tho, never had a stackoverflow account and it would be great to have stackoverflow question that won't get downvoted to hell
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    OOP even necessary?

    Grab popcorn.
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    @asgs damn you made finding a question 5x harder. But yeah I’m aware/heard of SO shenanigans and I want a legit question that will stay there as long as SO exists.

    Gotta run the noggin and come up with something good.
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    @Nihil75 that would be one of the moments where everyone on stackoverflow comes together and attacks me in unison for being braindead.
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    I would recommend not to. Smart people can find an answer to a clearly defined question through Google and carefully reading documentation, which is still faster than waiting for some fucker on SO to come around and tell you you shouldn't do that. And if your question isn't clearly defined, prepare for hell because on SO that automatically means the topic is not suitable for discussion.
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    @lbfalvy yeah, I always find my own answers. But ppl made it sound like a challenge to ask a question on SO. Then I say challenge accepted!
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    Jquery in 2022, yes or no?

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    @C0D4 $("yourself").fuck()
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    @jonas-w unable to find "yourself", did you want some class with that 😏
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