To stay a dev (can do the role with my eyes closed) or take on the architecture role for this company that is sinking like the titanic.

Don’t bother with the hassle (don’t need more money tbh & don’t even know what the money is)?

Take the opportunity while it’s there and get it on my cv?



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    Do whatever you want to do. If you want to be architect in the future, why not.

    Whatever the case, don't go down with the sinking ship, you're not the captain. Only one person won't prevent ship from sinking.
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    I'd say no.

    I went for the architect transition (after being the guy that actually undetstood complete picture of the project), and after 3 years I felt my skills deteriorated.

    My day to day was bridging gap between leadership and development state (read: endless meetings).

    My interactions with devs could be classified as either:

    1. They are sub-par contractors, used to being spoon-fed instruction, doing one function a month, hoping I don't ask too much of them.

    2. They are great, smart, hoping I'd shut up telling them what they already know and stop taking credit for their work.

    Felt really bad. So many times I wanted to jump in and help/just fucking do it myself,

    But I was too removed from the code, didn't have time to learn/setup my env and actually complete anything.

    End of the day - the guys actually doing stuff will always be in high demand. Do it and feel good about yourself.
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    Depends. Ist the architect position about you building the skeleton and others fleshing it out? Or is it more a misnamed project manager or even CTO position? And if the latter, do you want to get into management because meetings and paperwork are actually what you really want while actual coding is just a chore to you?
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    Stay dev and find new company?

    If the ship is sinking only an experienced architect might have a chance of saving it?
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