Why? Why?

Of you, you were the last I've expected such failure and misery...

Not once, not twice, but I have you a chance so many fucking times...

I won't deny it, we've been through good times, done so may things together, and I admit that I'd never be able to work without you.... this codependence is just too damn fixated...

But, I think I should part ways with you, I'll visit sometimes, not just to have fun, but mostly because of work matter.

Sorry Linux, you've failed me, I'm leaving you for Windows.

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    What hell happened to get you to switch back? Having used Linux exclusively for the last 20 years, one of the things I love about it is that I can *always* fix the problem no matter how hard it is, because I have the tools and logs (oh blessed, complete logs) to do so. I have never been reduced to the option of a reinstallation, and I'm a Gentoo user ffs.
    I can't say that about windows (and related os), and I've been using it since AT&T Dos 2.0.
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    @bearcatsandor Well, I've always had bad luck with graphics-related stuff. No matter the hardware, nor the distro, always fucking video issues.

    Now, I've installed multiple distros over a week lapse, always issues with the Android SDK or Android virtual device, it began to hang, heavy, without workload.

    And before someone says, no, the HDD it's at it's prime, no bad sectors nor reallocation.

    I still have it installed because I have some work to do, but for now, Windows will be my main horse
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    Welcome to the club, you're not alone :)
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    @bearcatsandor that's your proble guys, you stuck in 90s Windows stereotypes, things changes...but anyway feel free to use whatever you prefer
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    What has changed? Can I get full logs of binary program crashes? Can I manually recover a broken windows system by recompiling the central command.com from a rescue disc? Can I CD into a directory as though it were the root of the tree to fix a problem? Can I restart every service that I want without rebooting the system? Can I do everything from the command prompt?
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