Title: Error Popup Occurs --> To be discussed

Description: When I open the app -> I see the app screen -> then I see some text -> sometimes there is a popup showing an error message

We of course don't want any errors at all so we should hinder these error messages

No, this isn't parody, arrows and all its how some people write our tickets, why do they write it this way!?!? Where is the value!!?!? Where is the comprehension!?!?!? God I get so sick of it sometimes.

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    It's cry-worthy cringe


    Feel ya
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    That is the sort of ticket, normal users can write. If you want higher quality tickets, you need a "support" person between the user and the ticketing system.

    And yes, when you don't have support, you are the support!
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    @Oktokolo incredible that we need an additional human to do a normal humans job
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    But the good news is we'll discuss it!!!! Im so grateful to be able to be talking with such knowledgable people
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    @fullstackclown Well, normal users don't know that you actually need the error message or even when the error appeared or what user input triggered it...

    And for that custom portal i built in PHP that actually was true as i had written my own dependency-free error handling and logging framework optimized for maximum robustness and outputting elaborate debug information for any error not about user input parsing. Also there was extremely little log output in normal operation and thanks to PHPstan most errors where caught before users could have seen them. I still checked the log every time before starting to code and knew everything i needed before reading the garbled emails...

    But chances are, you aren't in a position where you can dictate a quality first approach. So you likely have to fix the bugs in a less debug-friendly environment and therefore need to ask for what a well-designed application would already have told you.

    Git gud at logging or have support.
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    @Oktokolo This wasn't from our users, this was from the literal owners of the product.

    Again its the case where the engineers know how to better describe the product than the literal owners of the whole damn company
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    @fullstackclown There are the ones that make/maintain the product - and everyone else (also called "users").

    And that the engineers know the product better and therefore maybe also can describe it better (that depends on whether they can describe things at all) might as well be one of the famous quotes from the great Captain Obvious...
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