i hate this "She-EO" crap. they can call that feminism all they want, but all it does is set back women 40 years. yes, your red blazer is gonna break the glass ceiling honey 🙄

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    This shit grinds my gears. True equality is being hired for skill bot quotas but nobody wanna fuckin talk bout that.
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    Yeah this kind of tribalistic thinking is ironically exactly the thing supposed feminists are fighting against in the first place. "Judging people based on gender is wrong"... except if it benefits women apparently 🙃
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    @12bitfloat the problem i have with this is that it forces women to perform a certain way, even though that's not why women are not being successful. it's not my clothes, my hair or make up that should allow me to compete with my male peers, yet that's what's being told. no power pose or effect phrases are gonna change inequality
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    @Stuxnet i think equality is not gonna exist in our current system. companies are already set with a certain profile, and they'll keep hiring people within that profile. if you're different, you don't last or you get stuck at the bottom
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    In my mind feminism had to do with not seeing difference in gender when it comes to most things. It really has nothing to do with the feminine part, it just happens to be the part that's underrepresented (and has always been for that matter). Gender equality, basically. The solution isn't to forcefully hire women, but to make the people responsible for the hire see no fucking difference between genders. And to make roles as inviting to women as it is to men.
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    @ScriptCoded that's the utopia, but it's hard to change the culture without representation. women need to be seen in the workspace, they need to be seen in high positions, it needs to be normalized. we have to look at unnaturally male structures and notice that there's something wrong. that said, performative feminism sucks so bad I can't even
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    @darksideofyay I've seen a some portion of that being true and some of it being utterly bs. I have to say that I doubt the capability of women more and I hate that I do.

    In my previous company there was no discrimination and that worked for me. Made my feel the same as @ScriptCoded. We did have an under representation of women in IT, none actually until a few years ago. Did have high representation in leadership (2/3 but male CEO/owner and CTO). The biggest department had woman over represented. And there where almost no non Dutch non white people.
    This mostly represented how the demographic is. Not a lot of woman are in tech a lot in education/care. This country has a lot of white nationals and few internationals bother to learn Dutch.

    Now in my current company a lot of discrimination happens. Woman are highly represented in tech. The bar is lowered for them. Games are rigged so woman are in the top 10. Our CEO is a woman and even though she has been in the board before she was offered the position I now doubt that she belongs there. This is due to her stating on the first day that she will use her position as a platform for promoting feminism (which she should and has every right to do). This makes me feel in combination with all the other practices that I'm in a current day American TV show: Representation of gay, black/Asian, woman is mandatory and has to be there at all cost.
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    If Cathie Wood was a man, nothing in her company would've changed. If @NickyBones was a man, that AI flying marvels of hers would've flown just as good. If my high-profile bioinformatician friend who is female would've been male, the amazing things she did (that I had no chance of understanding) wouldn't have been more amazing or less amazing. Skill, proficiency and intellectual capacity transcend assigned sex.

    But the thing I'm not at all okay with is all that "she codes good enough for a girl" type of stuff women students are exposed to in STEM colleges and universities. If I have to name one thing that explains why males are more present in STEM than females, all that "name ten great female scientists" crap, this would be it. This kind of shit can make a female person quit STEM for life and never touch it with a ten-meter pole again. If STEM was a childhood dream for her, it will crush it.

    I like this trend finally changing in zoomers.
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    @kiki I think that my ability to control the nano-drone with the power of my glare is tied to my gender. I am way more scary as a girl, than I ever would have been as a guy 😂
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    @NickyBones intimidating your AI? Interesting training technique, do you know any papers on it?
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    @NickyBones finally, a worthy opponent. Our staring competition will be legendary.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine I thought it was super common practice? I see the DL guys in my lab screaming at their NNs on the daily...
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    @NickyBones I thought the screaming was just part of the comptuer science field in general
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