What is e=mc²?
That's "(errors) = (more code)²" 😂

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    First & foremost, it isn't whole square. Secondly come on man I suck at math, I shouldn't be the one correcting people. Thirdly error = mc² isn't necessary.
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    It's not whole square. There is no brackets in my rant, (mc)^2 means whole square.
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    @piedcipher last line buddy.
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    @piedcipher mc^2 means m*c^2 or m*(c^2), which is equivalent to mass*the speed of light*the speed of light. Writing it as (mc)^2 would be m^2*c^2 without parenthesis, which simply isn't true.
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    E=mc^2? I hope you meant

    E^2=(pc)^2 + (mc^2)^2
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