So, somehow I got hands on a Google glass [yep that item which had it's hype go down]. Been wondering what I can do with it. Any ideas about what to do, what to develop for it, anything?

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    Watch porn on the bus.
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    A couple of things:
    1. A clock to always tell time
    2. A web browser*
    3. Video player*
    4. Attach a camera to the back of your head and try to do your daily life looking through that camera (feed on glasses)
    5. devRant for the glasses
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    @tisButABug It already has a clock, at it's main lock screen. I'm not sure why one would need a proper web browser than just google. But yeah I'll try to find out reasons. It does have a video player but I'm not sure what all formats it can play, I'll look to it.
    Can you please elaborate on the camera at the back of the head sentence. I didn't quite understand that one. And DevRant app for it is something I will surely look into
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    @makwayne I kinda meant that as a joke... But it would be cool if you mounted a small camera on the back of your head, hidden, so you could make some sort of joke about having eyes in the back of your head. (Have a friend hold up a certain number of fingers behind you a guess it every time)
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