If everyone in the job market would be paid the same salary.
What job you would've chosen which is not programming?

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    A woodwright that builds fine furniture and house trimmings(think of those large all wood studies or libraries with built-in shelves).

    I love working with my hands and eyes, God knows if I'll be able to do it when I'm retired though. I'll probably be blind and plagued with Parkinson's or worse.
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    "What job you would've chosen which is not programming?"

    .... i don't get the question. prograqmming IS the only job; everything else is just occupational therapy (:
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    @sariel hahaha
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    Wall painter
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    I'd probably still do it, because I'm pretty bad at most other things
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    Same job, I'm here for the fun of coding, though there are always bad times.
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    Are there any jobs that are actually easy?
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    Actually, one of those government jobs where screwing up earns you a promotion would be nice
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    I'd still do programming. I really love it and would like to make money just with learning more and toying around, like having a own software product that makes money ;-P
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    Pretty mich everything. Maybe work a the animal shelter or such.
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    @horus you traitor
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    @TheBeardedOne yes - the boring ones
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    I was a diesel tech before, albeit a shitty one. I would git gud and go back to it.

    Addendum: Shitty as in "I did everything by the book and manuals" rather than "I remember everything and anything"

    I needed my manuals.....
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