Short Rant, 2 lines:
Got a new IT Director in our company.
This person thinks SAP is the same as PHP.
End of story.

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    I though I knew all insults regarding PHP.

    But really, nothing can be as worse as SAP, hands down.
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    @IntrusionCM and that‘s something that it has in common with PHP 🙃
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    @Lensflare nope.

    PHP is nothing like SAP.

    There's a joke regarding SAP:

    If you don't get bankrupt paying the consultants... And not bankrupt while migrating.... You will get bankrupt waiting for everything to work as promised.
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    It's literally in the name, Same As People Hate PHP
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    Such stupidity is usually the entry criteria for higher management roles.

    We once had a production situation and out CTO broadcast in an org wide channel, "let's not look at the logs and trust that our code with work."

    Dude literally prayed for a broken code to work miraculously.

    We are planning to go public by next year with such leadership.
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