Back then, I was just about a "computer guru" and friends would often ask me stuff about hardware.

One of them came to me and asked if I could make a website. I accepted despite knowing nothing about html, css, js or PHP.

I then hopped on a tutorial about html and css, and pretty much learned the basics of html in a day, then added some css and got introduced to PHP "as a way to prevent yourself from copy pasting the same bits of html everywhere".

Turned out the client wanted a CMS, which I couldn't do, then I decided I would go to a design/it school. Before finishing my 'studies' (accelerated apprenticeship), I already landed my today's job. As I'm not a "real dev" (more a self taught guy), I'm learning stuff everyday, and today I am comfortable with back end and front end web development

Code is addicting, even more than gaming!

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    You don't need an education to be a "real dev" :)
    It's all about having a passion for your craft and furthering your skillset.
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    @JTBringe well it's sort of hard to know when you are :-p

    Living that passion is what I strive for :)
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    Devs are born out of a healthy curiosity in how things work. And a desire to learn. I Don't think that an education always provides that for you.
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