It all started in the year 2013.
I was 13 years old back then. I was a fan of Minecraft and so I learned how to setup a bukkit server and ran it. Installing plugins was fun, because I could be a "hacker" and change the configs.
After a while, (~2014), when I was in the 9th grade of elementary school, I saw Unity. A free game engine. Of course, me being a 14 year old I was intrigued and so I downloaded it, made an account and a new project. I had absolutely ZERO knowledge of programming. Didn't even know what languages existed, so i resorted to presets and poorly put together characters + weapons.
After some time fiddling around with Unity, I've gotten a hang of the basics (not programming related).
My actual programming started when I started High School (year 2016). It's a computer engineering school and for the first part of the year, I've learned from my teacher in C# (Console.WriteLine/ReadLine/Loops/Variables). At the second semester I started to gain interest and motivation to program at home. I did the programs we made in school (random number guessing game) but better. Improved it, added colors.
After that, I started developing in Unity - Actually learning something and having the ability to develop something all by myself. It keeps driving me on. In the second year (the year I'm visiting right now) I tought myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP. I'm very happy and also can't wait to discover and learn new things in these languages!
My latest project was an Android application for my father that he asked for (it calculated the price of the 3D print he would make).

// Sorry for the long post!

EDIT: Forgot to add a fun little detail. All my classmates make fun of me because I program so much !
Also: Tabs > Spaces

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    Wow. Enjoy your entire adulthood of employment 😜
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    Same thing, just no jQuery knowledge and no unity developmenr 😂
    You sir, had an amazing childhood with minecraft, just like me.
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    Dude! You're as old as I am and miles ahead of me 😂
    I also started learning with Minecraft,
    Then moved to a weird emulator that worled in a similar fashion to retroarch (cores) but needed you to manually compile each core which introduced me to linux because all the tutorials were for linux.
    Then I fell in love with linux and android.
    Transitioned to trying to build my own kernel for nexus 5 (whish failed miserably at first)
    Now I just mess around with Python and some C (Plus am trying to learn PHP)
    Wish you the best of luck!
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    I was almost in the exact same scenario a few years ago, but I couldn't get a bukkit server to work :/ (not port forward it) and by the time I got it working I lost interest :(. But I did get some time to play on a vanilla server with my friends :). I don't think I'll never be a C# guy tho, Java has been in my roots, and so far I've build Android apps, games, and other web-eelated things with it, along with front-end and PHP development. Good luck!
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    Wow, I started almost the same way except got into pure Java game development instead of using unity.
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    @n1had I wouldn't say Miles ahead. You're probably better in some languages :p
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    Wow, such a great post... until the last line :P
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    @joshingyou SorryNotSorry :p
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