Its a confession...
So yesterday we had a practical in our uni... It was on Assembly Language (NASM and TASM)... Its a horrible language to work on... Trust me... I hate it, infact... We all hate it at the uni... But the thing is... We need to pass the practical in order to sit for the theory, and it is really hard language.... So most of my friends brought pen drives... And some brought chits... And sadly... All of them got caught... And were marked as fail right away... But the thing is I also cheated... And I copied successfully... I didnt use any pendrive or removable media... But I used ssh to my cloud server... And since I code on vi, it was pretty easy for me to cheat in the practical... I feel bad that I cheated.... But then I feel proud as well because I used the tech of this generation to copy, and not some grandpa shit like pendrives...
Yeah... That was it... The codes did rain in the exam..
I know I am a horrible person.. But common guys.. Who am I kidding... I am proud that I didnt use any clichè methods... And was talented enough to do so without getting caught...

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    In fact, you got it the wrong way: SSH and OMG-vi are resp. gran'pa and dinosaurs technologies compared to the usage of USB sticks. But age does not mean lack of efficiency (stealth in your case), that's all. Ahh... kids...
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    Dude, don't be afraid of periods and commas. The '...' lose meaning after a few uses, and make it seem like you are wishy-washy. You seem intelligent, so I'm just giving you a little advise. I used to be the same way
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    @xanathor yeah... I forgot... SSH nd vi were way too before USB sticks.... But then... I'm their grandpa... Hahaha
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    @iam13islucky ok, I'll keep that in mind in future!
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    @Letmecode I know, I'll be keeping that in future!
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