Wk1:, Client wants stack deployed to AWS in a day... Does it in 30 minutes...

Wk2: client complains about cost of service so requests I downsize the stack they asked for... Does so... Just to save some £££ at loss of any DR or HA capability

Wk3: Client wants stack moved to a different AWS account just cos... Advised could cause issues... Client says carry on. Migrates to account as requested on the days they requested.

Wk4: client complains that said migration caused issues and that proper change control wasn't followed..... That was never informed on..

Wk5: issue discovered to actually be network fault linked to clients wanting every £££ saved in AWS... And as the stack specialist I still have to write up a summary and findings?

Wow just get a decent AWS admin will ya....

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    "We want our app to serve 50k users , be resilient to failure and be $security_standard compliant, needs to cost no more than godaddy hosting though."
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    Delay all work by a day and bill the extra stress
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    Wk6: come back to work today to a massive rant from client complaining that change process they never had a week ago wasn't adhered too... Say that a change in my stack has stopped data appearing since Wednesday AM and they can see 100,000 of events from Wed AM when it stopped.... Stack normally only sees around 5000 events a day....

    After 10 minutes diagnosing I identify their data feed hasn't updated since Wednesday and has been sending the same data and timestamp since then....

    After questioning and detailing on a big Rey all email I get a quiet direct text saying someone changed the data source outside of Change control and forgot to restart it... Surprise surprise... That fixed the missing data.....
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