Pythons tkinter library has a module called "N". Just N. That's it.
So whenever you type "N" and want to autocomplete some local variable or class name, the IDE will instead import that module!
Who the fuck thought N would be a good name??? Some people have some serious issues...

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    Even better: tkinter has "NO". So when you want to autocomplete "None" you have to enter 3 letters to get non tkinter results
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    from tkinter import N as ENNNNN
    ... would be my suggestion, if feasible?
    Still super annoying, I can imagine 🙄
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    Flask has a module that's just called `g` :/
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    Just the common pretentiousness, that is so prevalent in american culture.

    It is the same as calling a company "Apple" or a browser "Chrome".
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    It is not just tkinter, python as a whole always like to abbreviate names. Python should go back to school and learn how to properly name like how Java does it
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    I would argue that the fault is on the IDE or importing plugin, as it should check for more than the first match, at least for short inputs (like a single letter)
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    @Oktokolo I can't understand how is it acceptable to trademark or copyright names composed of a single (very, in some cases) common word
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    @KennyTheBard Me too.You shouldn't be able to defend a trivial trademark even in the same Nice Class.

    But we continue to extend copyright protection whenever an important IP of Disney is in danger to become part of the public domain. So i doubt that will change soon...
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    @Oktokolo dont even get me started on that, my friend! This is the kind of bullshit we will deal with as long as money and law shake hands
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