My team member just rewrote all of my code and it looks beautiful and it works but and now i feel like I'm a terrible programmer :'(

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    Each line of code is beautiful in its own way, no matter who made it!
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    I wouldn't get too hung up about code beauty. We write instructions for diodes - there is an upper limit to just how beautiful you can make these instructions.
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    I got a coworker, who does really ugly code. Whenever his work is useful, i completely refactor it for my use.

    But: he's incredibly good at starting with new stuff, new hardware, new APIs etc. and can do that faster than any of us.
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    Take the hint and improve your code readibility
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    Now you are a better programmer - we learn all the time!
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    Don't be discouraged. Find what you like about his code and try to adapt it. If you two are on good terms, then try to ask him about why he wrote things like he has. Strife to improve yourself.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. You guys are right, I'll learn from it.
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    @itch96 yeah, it's just my ego that hurts. But we're on good terms so he can explain it plus he's been coding for 4 years while I've been at it for one. Still bugs me though
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    @g-m-f you're right. No point in sulking. Gotta get better and continue to learn! 😃
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    If he was a real team player, he would have reviewed it and asked you to improve it instead.

    I can't stand people who can only work on their own.
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    @ChiSin i think that's what bothered me most about it to be honest. Oh well, no point in getting hung up on it.
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    Poor little black cat
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    @dachart Hobbies include, but are not limited to:
    * Kicking people when they're down.
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