Guess my class is getting into the ethics of computers again.

What would you guys choose?

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    Everything is legal to me
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    The first
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    Get another job, then report it to the police, then sit back and watch the chaos ensue 😈😈😈😈😈😈
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    Situationally dependent.

    Depends on what's happening, the reasoning behind the decision, its benefit/harm ratio, etc.

    But likely: have a stern chat with the person, but officially ignore it.
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    @Ashkin aww... Y u gotta ruin the fun... 😴😞😓

    Well depends who you are. Tim Cook Spanking Kalanick sounds fun 😁😎

    Talking to Compliance and HR so they can cover it up, doesn't...
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    @billgates Kay: beat them with a newspaper ^_^
    I've been known to do it!
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