Micromanager: "Hey, Root!

Since you're back, and still not feeling well, we have an easy ticket for you: Rewrite the slack integration gem! Oh, you don't have to re-implement all of it, just make sure it all works the same way it does now. That bitch you worked with once over a year ago who kept throwing you under the bus to management and stealing credit for your work? Yeah, she wrote the original code like four years ago. It's perfect, so don't touch it. but she can fill you in on all the details you need and get you up to speed on how to test it.

But yep! It should be simple. and I just knew you would love this ticket, so I saved it just for you. Nice and quick, too, to get you an easy win.

You know, since you have to repair your reputation with product. and management. and the execs. and the rest of the team. and me. Yeah, product doesn't trust you so they don't want to give you any tickets. They just can't trust you to get them out and have them work. So you have a lot of hard work to do."

Spoiler: The bus-thrower wasn't much help. (Surprise.)
Spoiler: The ticket was already in my backlog -- one of a grand total of two tickets.
Spoiler: I don't find the ticket fun. Maybe if I was to write the entire implementation with a nice DSL? but no, "don't touch the perfect code." Fuck you.
Spoiler: It isn't going to be nice or quick. But, she (micromanager) is looking to lose me, so that really is an easy win. for her.

And. just. argh. fuck you. i've been exhausted and dying for well over a year, but you've kept ignoring that (and still are, despite me providing goddamn legal forms from fucking doctors stating it in plain fucking english, which you also fucking ignore), and you just keep piling on the work and demanding the ridiculous of me despite it. Yeah I can pull it off sometimes. No, I really shouldn't, and I'm surprised I can. (also, "Time off? What, and lower your productivity even more? ____ doesn't even take vacations. And how are you doing on that ticket?") And no, none of my tickets have ever had any fucking problems. Not even when there are upstream service outages. Not. a. single. fucking. one. Ever. And the only things I've ever missed were things that bloody product never put in the fucking ticket, so fuck you with your "repair your reputation" bullshit.


Why the FUCK am I still fucking working here?
Right, because I've been burned out and dying so much I can't pass a fucking interview so I can fucking leave.


ugh. Anyway. If you ever find yourself starting work at a Cali fintech company whose internal mascot is a very fine duck? Just run. I absolutely guarantee you will be miserable.

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    I don’t want to be all negative and complainy. just. Fuck this.
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    Thanks for bringing up the duck logo! I know what to avoid in case I get cancer and my reputation goes down bc I’m too sick to slave for my masters
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    How much money do you have? You said before the job is well paid, would it be possible to leave, live a few months on support (or without) and then find a new job?

    I mean risky move, I know, but it might be well worth it :/ What would you answer if I asked you where do you see yourself in 5 years? because if it's the same fucking company at the same fucking position, then what's even the point?
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    @gogokun I really do need to leave. They pay is good, but it’s not that good. And it’s certainly not enough to put up with this.

    Anyway. I’m definitely interested in working elsewhere — more than interested. Send me some info? root-devrant@tuta.io

    And thanks ♥️
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    @Hazarth Not enough, but I might do that regardless.

    @UnicornPoo That is the gist of it. And slow sounds wonderful. I could really use a change of pace, and something relaxing.
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    Sorry to hear that struggle. There are many opportunities out there, even during these crazy layoffs, and this kind of mental torture just can't be good for your physical health. I only say that with care and apologize if it comes off like a lecture, I've just been in that position before myself. Take care of yourself and to hell with that manager. When you move on, 10 years down the road, the two of you will probably never speak to each other again.

    Thanks for the rant, thanks for sharing and I wish you a whole lot of good fortune going forward here.
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    I would think working at a California anything would be miserable except the military lol
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    @TheWrongGod Yes indeed.

    Probably the military, too, since dealing with brass was never fun either.
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    @Root well leadership always sucks if it sucks but at least their is a sense or was of ceremony there.
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    @Root now the mil is kind of a joke like everything else and no human is laughing at it
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    @gogokun Oh! I did not. I assumed you were still waiting for them to approve your account.

    I’ll check it in about an hour. 😊
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    Is it just for me or everyone else noticed that in IT, women who works in management are total evil for women who works directly under them?

    Like because IT is male dominant they try “divide and conquer” approach to show up power.
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    @grinry Yeah, it does seem pretty common. Not always, though.
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    @TheWrongGod Nah even that is pretty miserable!

    9 years of California is enough for the rest of my life... for certain.
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