What the crap is it with job applications and requiring freaking videos now?

I'm not some social butterfly that wants to be all friendly with everyone and a part of their goddamn lives. Give me a problem and/or some code and I'll happily make it work; give me an extrovert with a goddamn video call fetish and I'll fucking leave.

I'm an engineer, not your salaried girlfriend.

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    Another one? Where do you find these?
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    "Another one," @epse says. "That's the second one in two weeks," he thinks.

    If only it had been just two.

    At least this one asked some really nice questions. but the video is required, so. Rickroll it is.
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    So feeling with you.
    What are we, some fucking insta end time consumers?!
    Fuck their shit!

    Seen this on Henkel procurement I think. And IBM maybe.

    Anyways. I believe this being a tool to test whether you're willing to sell your soul and privacy to any potential corporation.
    Will not bend to this shit.
    Climb up the career ladder and step in higher position, where batshit ain't needed no more.

    To me personally such measures are a corporations signs of desperation.
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    @rutee07 I've been paranoid ever since picture-in-picture was a thing. I'm already very self-conscious, and seeing myself in the video call just exacerbates that.

    The complete lack of any followup interviews lately has totally made that worse, too... >.>; I seem to ace the interviews, so I'm beginning to question if it's something else making them reject me. sigh.
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    Don't know your location but in France, applications are anonymous by law.
    Ever since, I dream just doing so in Germany.
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    @scor completely anonymous? As in the employer can’t even meet the prospect for a coffee or anything beforehand?
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    No picture, name. Not sure about gender.
    Intentions were to abolish adresses.

    In Germany, ALDI at least allows applying by variable gender.
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    @Root Nothing is wrong with you, don't worry. The bird is probably the one scaring those cunts away. (Which isn't a bad thing in itself, considering how crappy they all seem.)
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    Totally going to rickroll them tomorrow. 🙂

    "I think I'm a great fit because I'm...

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you"
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    @rutee07 It's beautiful!
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    Well, I also wouldn't like video applications, it's just goofy and unnecessary.

    On the other hand, a good software engineer does need to be a good teammate and a strong communicator so the "just give me a problem" argument doesn't stand
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    @scor It's not, it was at test for a time but ultimately it was canceled in 2015 if I remember well
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    this still astonishes me, i never ever heard of video applications. Having sat at both sides of application processes (i am working in a somewhat small company) i couldnt even imagine watching through 100 Videos of random people.

    Speaking of discrimination: while a true problem, the sheer mass of stupid applications is astonishing.

    Handpicked example: engineering construction position, we had around 100 applicants. We clearly said "german language only, small company (aka not the ressources for any visa processes)"

    We got like 40 applications from various middle eastern countries alone, 40 more were from people with arabic, indian names/faces with dubious backgrounds (aka no way to verify for us). Of the 20 applications we could consider "real" there were only 10 that actually graduated from a university and 5 had actual met up the prewritten conditions. If those all had been anonymous we would need an actual HR department to sort through.
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    @hash-table Willing to relocate, but not to Cali. and yes, I'm looking everywhere. local (las vegas), relocate (decision depends upon significant other, too), and remote (anywhere). I definitely appreciate the offer!
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    @Froot My 'argument' wasn't about communication being irrelevant. It was about the video submission specifically. I'm friendly and chatty, and can communicate quite well, especially with other devs. I can also speak fluent 3-year-old, so dumbing down technical concepts for managers isn't too difficult.

    Video conferences are awkward, especially with extroverts that video call for everything. But making a video for someone I've never met? and talking to my own image? That's way too weird for me.
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    @Nanos Last time I had a presentation about HR stuff, they told as the number is around 3.5 seconds per C.V. (that was 3/4 years ago)
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    @rutee07 that's why you should cover your webcam.
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    @Nanos I thought they all do it. At least the larger ones and for the initial filtering.
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    As if cover letters weren't dreadful enough.

    These startups look so stupid when they try to be giddy, edgy and out of the box. You're not auditioning for a reality show ffs!
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    You could get really creative with the video. Rick roll is nice but you could also do something else.

    I call for a sock puppet show. Add some rubber ducks and let them know you value your privacy but still have the skills to do the job. And yeah Rick roll them too!
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    @Nanos Well, that was the average time, but pretty sure they only look the important part and general look of one's resume.
    In any case, lots just look for keywords like you mentioned in your other comment. So it doesn't take that much to do that, haha

    PS: Love your "degree" ;)
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    Well said
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    @Nanos I would love to learn how to desing a Nuclear Reactor. How did you start?
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    Sounds like a good time.

    Just got to add day-drinking to complete the dream.
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    @lunorian No.
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    One time I applied for a part time ios teaching position. They wanted a 10 minute long video of me explaining for-loops, like da-fuq is there to say for ten minutes "It's a loop... it loops... it does a task over and over again?"
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    They take video interviews with dozens of people each one explaining a single concept, and then rebrand and use THOSE.

    tl;dr it's a scam.
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    Good thing I'm living in such a backward country as Poland. No one ever wanted to video chat and the worst I had to do was answering technical questions over the phone
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    Time for deepfakes
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