1) Stop going to univershity
2) Started python coding at home from online courses.
3) Got the best paid job among batchmates.

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    I'd like to say you got lucky. Cuz I'm jealous.
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    @A-0-C no hard feelings bro!
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    My story is quite similar.

    Start studies.
    Quit them.
    Acquire executive position.
    Hire former classmates for jobs.

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    Anyone noticed about "Univershity"? 😂👍
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    So do you have any tips, what to do after quiting Univershity, I think I am close to quit :(
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    the first thing I did, I took mitx6.00.1x. The free MIT certificate lured me to take the course.

    Secondly, it gave me the skill to get a well paid internship and continued the 2nd part of series and started reading many books on python.

    Thirdly, I learnt more about industrial codes and got the job.

    I did not left the univershity completely, I just stopped caring about grades and attendance.
    But I got my bachelors at a very average mark.
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    @zyxel I recommend that you have something before you leave University. Like have a job already set up then leave. Allot of my mates thought they could do it and now they are kitchen hands in a restaurant where they rather be coding or designing.
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    @UrbanChrisy yup agree with that.
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    @UrbanChrisy thanks, actually there were some IT firm looking in Univershity, and it looks quite promising
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    This might work in other countries but places like London, New York or San Fran would require you to have some sort of Bachelors degree in the field you're applying for.
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    @sandeepb if you have open source repo with thousands of stars and kickass freelancing projects on the skillset. I dont think that will be a problem.
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    I guess I'll try my best to stay here, but assembly is killing me :D
    I guess I should start working on my repo
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    @subha-py I would still disagree
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    Where are you working? Where do you earn from m8?
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