Kinda rant, kinda not.

At the start of this year all of my colleagues left company beacause of low raise. This process took like 3 months. After that I automatically became most senior in our team with 8 months of experience in my current company and 3 years total. It was rough days and still is. One downside is some days I can't even touch my own development tasks. Sometimes I ask for other developers help and assign them tasks. I'm evolving into team lead I guess. Yeah, more like junior team lead. But after few weeks I got a call from our cto and he told me they are raising my salary even I had a raise just 3 months ago. And he told me it will be raised again soon. Even my workload increased I'm still kinda having fun. I think its a bit early for me to be good at this role but I'm learning how to manage people :) Well, at least I got a raise

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    Being thrown in at the deep end is one way of learning!

    But hey, you seem to be getting rewarded for the work that you're doing, and as long as you're not being overwhelmed by it all it it sounds like you're doing a good job 👍
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    Hey nice job, similar situation. Snagged a job I was semi qualified for in DevOps, did some fun interesting work, got promoted to “senior” after a year (with 3 years industry experience) and it’s been a ride. Excellent springboard for the next thing though
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    It sounds to me like you're a loyal person who steps up to a challenge and is willing to accept more tasks and responsibilities. You give your best and you get the best in return. Aside from the raises, doing your job to the best of your abilities is satisfying, reduces anxiety and makes people around you love and respect you more.

    Contrast that with other rants here where people say "that's not in my scope", "i only do frontend", "the boss doesn't want things done my way"... then they wonder why they're not getting ahead and why they're always unhappy.

    Congratulations. Keep on winning.
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    @Ezard yes, I am getting rewarded and I was planning to follow this career path. This two are most important part here. I hope I don't get overwhelmed. That is why I should still take my time off to coding alone.

    @Diactoros yeah always thinking about my next steps. Thats why I'm okey with all of this.

    @slouma if we don't step up for challenges how are we gonna improve ourselves in different topics right? But not accepting extra responsibilities is very much ok too. This responsibilities was always in my mind and thats why I'm ok with all of this.

    Thank you all for your kind words.
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    Guess they also learned from their previous mistake. Always a good sign.
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    Ahh field promotions… nice when they are compensated.
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