So... I've been to the doctor's, I have a high blood pressure (I'm only 30 ffs).
She says I'm too grumpy, over thinking and should loose weight.

FML I'm gonna die young... At least the wife will get my life insurance...

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    You should change your user I.D. from nocGod → noGod.
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    @A-0-C NOCturnal GOD
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    @nocgod oh! Fair enough.
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    Doing sports twice a week won't hurt you lol.
    Your mindset makes me angry every time I'm reading stuff like that :D
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    @SirWindfield don't be angry, or else the doc will prescribe you some meds too xD

    I'll start training, wanted for long time, but between work, family and hobbies you are left with -10 hours a day each day. Kinda bums me cuz I was in great shape in the army (combat Corp)
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    @nocgod I know that feeling. I am each day from 8am till 6pm at uni, I need almost an hour to commute and am home at around 7. Don't have that much time either. But I always say that I will go on Wednesday and Sunday to the gym (either before uni or after).it is kinda refreshing to do something else that just staring at monitors
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    Why the fuck would your wife get life insurance? You dying early because of being fat is not something you couldn't see coming. It is something expected.
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    @lucavinci same reason she'll get all my pension and saving in my study fund, it's the law.
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    @nocgod Didn't know that. At least you're lucky in that part then
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    @lucavinci in the long run I prefer not to die though...
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    @nocgod Yeah good luck and get well soon.
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    The doctor's office can make people antsy thinking about illness and death and all that shit, which can artificially raise BP. I would buy a cheap cuff and measure at home across the week. Might not be as bad as they made out.
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    Do what I do. I go for a 40 minute walk each. Helps me clear my mind. refuah shlema.
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    High blood pressure is very treatable. Diet and exercise. You'll be healthy as an ox in no time.
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    @iAmNaN @ninjatini thanks :)
    @trogus Yeah I know, I've got a sleeve, that what convinced me I've got a problem.

    I've begun a diet regime in the beginning of the week, I'll start daily exercise and get rid of the pills :)
    (Not really think about death, I'm too young to die xD)
    Thanks guys!!!
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    @nocgod you can also try Phentermine. I use that daily and have lost about 30 pounds in 4 months. Plus it's an amphetamine so even if you're running low on sleep you're just fine. Med spas give it out like candy so that might be an option.

    Although if the sleeve doesn't handle it I doubt anything else would.
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    @ninjatini I'm only 15-20 kg over, no reason to take pills, I'll just start lite exercise and proceed to some long runs and the gym probably...
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