Convince me otherwise

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    Oh God I can smell the mongo
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    If thats meant seriously, then you belong in the category of clueless dev who makes other peoples life miserable.

    Congratulations 🎉
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    @IntrusionCM you understand what jokes and memes are right? As in HaHa.
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    @DreEleven convince me otherwise sounds like you believe in it... :-P

    But honesty, the misconception is so pretty standard that I really cannot laugh about it.

    Once you've reached the level where you explain this every 4 plus weeks to the same devs it becomes... Painful.
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    @IntrusionCM yeah I see what you mean now. Some people even think NoSQL databases can't be queried or they think it can't be efficiently queried. So I know your frustration.

    And this doesn't just go for random staff and out of the loop project managers but devs too.
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    Postgres* vs Mongo hehe
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    @DreEleven ... Point is more that many fail to understand that NoSQL databases need as much a concept, planning and strategy as SQL databases.

    When you just dump data to a NoSQL database and dit looks like the waste dump in the image, then you did everything wrong TM.

    :) NoSQL databases allow insertion of data without a strict definition - but if you go down that path, you'll have all kinds of problems in the long run.
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    ArangoDB : hold my avocado 🥑
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    @IntrusionCM yeah a lot of them don't undering that a equal level of planning is involved. Even things like automating processes on a NoSQL databases it lost on a lot of people devs included.
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    Honestly it give the impression that cross table joining is bad, but cross partition joining in no sql is good
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