Can you force yourself to code? I have a hard time doing that. I kind of have to feel like it.

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    Exactly - you have to trick yourself into enjoying it
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    My OCD can force me very good to code
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    If it’s bad enough ill force myself to be curious and that begins the rabbit hole journey
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    Work, yeah, but personal stuff, it's got to be something I'm interested in, enjoying
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    For me, it's very difficult to force myself. The brain just doesn't produce anything
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    Sometimes I just feel like checking out new stuff, and use bug sample projects for it. Not really forced, just as a hobby.
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    ^^ what he said. I find smth interesting and fun to code, not necessarily project-related. Then the coding mood kicks in and chain reaction starts - chewing through code challenges like popcorns. And then gently switch to the project code.

    It might take from a few hours to a few days for me.
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    I can easily get lost in anything, which is great when I can get myself to look at the code but terrible when I get a reddit notification.
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    Yes but the code need refactoring as soon as I feel like coding again.
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