1. When i was 11 years old i came across a trojan horse program and i sent it to all my school friends to get their messenger password.
(I had a list of passwords of all the people in my class... dont worry, i didnt even used the passwords, i just stored them in my list lol)

2. Took data structures 10 years later, hated it and switched to electrical eng

3. I was working on a manufacturing plant as the lead engineer and one of my prototypes was misbehaving and i was blaming software and software was blaming me...typical stuff... So i said "im going to get a masters is software so i can know wtf you are talking about, and tell you that you are wrong😠!!"

Got in school, started in the masters and quit that place i was working for 🤣.. (they were shitty people and unethical business... fyi)

Now im back to where i was was when i was 11... (minus the hacking email accounts of my classmates)

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    Without being too lewd - perhaps programming is a bit like some other intimate human experiences. You can't be taught it. Just have to find our own way.
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    I agree! Data structures class just scared me and it made me think it was not for me. Now i really like it and i prefer to learn on my own.. sadly i still need that piece of paper that said i passed classes 🙄
    Ironically enough, i never really get to learn anything that sticks to my brain unless i use it in a project that i myself want to develop, or im getting paid to make... 😑 my sad truth.
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    the mind is clever (pun totally intended)!

    It just won't stick if the mind thinks what's being taught will not aid survival. This kicked in for me when I was about 19 -needless to say the end of university was very welcome. It was my mother's idea anyway.
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    Aaaahh now it makes sense!! #aha!moment provided by you!!
    Thank you. I like knowing the why of my quirks!
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