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    This too
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    @sam9669 but honestly. How the fuck do you know that you aren't compiling a virus with Linux?
    I mean anybody could build a virus in configure and make you run sudo make install?
    I get that you could theoretically read every loc, (ain't nobody got time for that) but who guarantees that the ppa I use don't get taken over by someone. Or the github I get the sources from.
    I like having the feeling of freedom, but sometimes I feel like I'm not any more secure. I just "knowingly" kill my system.
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    @vringar I always said - "Linux doesn't have viruses" is total bullshit. There are not so many, just because:

    a.) Most Linux users know what is dangerous, and what is not. Let's face it - if he knows how to install Linux, he surely know how to avoid viruses.

    b.) There are not so many of them, just because Linux is not popular. Who would write a virus for a system with less than 5% market share?

    c.) People are dumb - they can't differentiate what is virus

    d.) Windows users are disabling UAC. Let's be honest, Linux has the same thing! You can't even sneeze without password!

    I bet there are dozens ways to infect a Linux PC - they are just not discovered yet.
    Saying Windows sucks because of viruses, is like saying that being a cockroach is better than being a human, because there are not so many viruses for cockroaches.
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    @athlon There is not one viral. I check once in a while.

    Linux is harder to crack, per design. The people who use linux are to a great degree highly skilled server administrators, who donr browse porn sites with these servers and dont download some some software. And if they get infected they now, and they rip their whole system apart. So there isnt even a benifit trying to make malware for it.
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    @athlon FOR DESKTOP USERS, yes.Please remember at this point that linux is the most used OS in the world.
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