If you’re struggling with productivity:
[1] Wake up early & Exercise
Waking up early means getting most of the work done as soon as you start your day. This sets a routine for you.
Doing a high-intensity workout early in the morning can kill laziness and make you feel productive.
[2] Divide the day into three parts
Do the most work in the morning hours i.e 6 am to 11 am.
Keep the 12 pm - 3 pm for work that requires less energy. Evenings can be utilised to finish minor tasks.
[3] Make a timetable
A proper timetable or To-Do is a good way to keep a track of your daily routine.
Tick off the work you've completed and you'll feel you've been productive.
[4] Follow people who motivate you to work
If you waste time scrolling on social media, make sure to follow people who instantly motivate you to work and take action.
[5] Update or shift workspace
Your workspace is where you spend most of your time, so make sure it makes you feel motivated to work.
In case you are bored of your workspace, shift it to a new room, preferably that has windows for fresh air.

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    or just sleep
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    Nice thanks, now I'm tired in the evenings instead of mornings. 10/10 would wakup early again.
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    [0]Have a stable mental health
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    We don't do mental health here.
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    I hate the whole "here's the only way to hustle" bs.

    I'm more productive in the evening. Fuck you and your mornings.
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    Fuck off with this Youtube influencer generic bullshit
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    @atheist i was like : morning is for sleeping, biaaatch
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    @atheist @aviophile I will never understand why I should be up when the sun ain't even up yet.
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    ++ for the importance of working out tho, but I hate waking up early. I do my exercise in the evenings. It completely removes my stress, which accumulates by the end of the day.

    If I were to do it in the morning then I would just be playing video games angrily
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    Productivity is sitting in the corner, weeping.

    The closer I come the more it starts crying like a fucking banshee.

    Gave up as my ears started to bleed.

    Throwing every now and then something to eat at it, seems to keep it at bay.
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