When your boss asks you to create an integration for fb but fb is blocked at the office and he refuses to give you access.
#GodWhy #SaveMe

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    😂 vpn ? I suppose ?
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    You make your best, and tell him that you cannot be responsible for any bug that appears (and it will appear for sure...)
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    Working from home tomorrow I assume?
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    vpn is illegal according to employee manual lols
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    Laugh at him until he realizes he's being an idiot.
    If he never does, look for a better job elsewhere.

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    Yeah, basically : 1. Work from home to do it, or, in the instance that said integration is on systems that are too sensitive for you to be working from home (not sure why that would be the case since its social integration); 2. Get it in writing that your boss is solely responsible for any defects resulting in an untested implementation of your code.
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    Then develop and test on PRO :D
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    Tor browser solves many silly policies. We don't run relays for nothin'!
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    Someday devRant will be blocked also 😂😂😂
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    @error503 good thing it isn't yet HAHAHA
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    Just do your usual #vapetricks i know you're good at it ;)). @kuptenJackBard
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    @kuptenJackBard rip. atleast vapin is allowed
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    @kuptenJackBard coding is life but vaping if lifer
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    BTW, you're using the tags the wrong way
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    this totally deserve an fml tag XD
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    Working from home is mandatory then 😰
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