wasn't a fight, really, just me having gotten frustrated after half an hour of trying to explain to a 2D animator what smear frames are, since we were making a flying hummingbird, found out that multiframe animations for the wingflaps looked like crap for its flapping speed, so i was like "oh, i know, let's just make the whole wing flap a 3frame anim, one frame wings down, one smear frame, one frame wings up, done"

cue the UNIVERSITY EDUCATED ANIMATOR looking at me with confusion, asking what are smear frames.

cue half an hour of repeated attempts at explanation, each attempt imagining him to be a younger and younger child, last 3 attempts i was actually sketching it out for him in photoshop and playing it to him (via photoshop's timeline for making animated gifs) so that he could see how it looks, which still didn't help him get it.

it turned very unpleasant towards the end, due to me getting very dumbfounded and irritated and interlacing the last couple of explanation attempts with remarks on my fascinated disbelief that a university educated and graduated animator not only had no idea what smear frames are, but isn't even getting it after having it explained multiple times as if he was an elementary school child.

at that point my boss stepped in, told me to go have a smoke, and when i came back, he managed to explain it to the animator by some of the interpersonal magic he (the boss) had.

that dude (the boss) was amazing.

p. s. the hummingbird turned out looking amazing, thanks to the smear frames.

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    p. p. s. i'm not especially terrible at explaining things.

    p. p. p. s. this dude didn't even know that the disney's 12 principles of animation book exists
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    You could have saved yourself the time by stating "one fame wings down", "one frame wings in the middle", "one frame wings up".

    Then give them the finger as they walk away
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    even I guessed what a smear frame is from the context
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    @ojt-rant do ypu really think this wasn't one of the first ways to explain that i tried? except the finger and walking away.

    because i'm captivated by stupidity while at the same time allergic to it.

    also technically the artist was my direct subordinate, so it was actually my job to make him do what was needed, my boss just took over because he saw my brain is starting to bluescreen
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    @Midnight-shcode she would have understood if had just done the finger thing.

    dev: "wing down"

    "wing middle"

    "wing up"


    dev: (middle finger)

    designer: ah, now I get ya
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    *he. the animator was a he
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