Tech Lead = "Super quick question" + "one small doubt" back to back for 8 hours, then coding in the evening because making some progress is the only way to take the stress away. Rinse and repeat, while slowly developing an alcohol dependency. Be kind to your leads, kids.

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    please stop the alc abuse! The sooner the better.
    Alc onlymakes people miserable, physically and mentally.
    Try to find a better place to work if you have the energy to do so. The wrong job can ruin your life...
    All the best to you
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    shouldn't you, as a tech lead, to be slowly and carefully tinkering away on the architecture, outlining the overall structure of the code, and maybe implementing MVPs of the core parts, but mainly as a template for the rest of the team to follow, and then basically be checking if they follow it correctly and responding to their quick questions?

    actual questions, that's what all (good) tech leads i've known did, and i lead to pretty good results.
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    also that's why i wanted to be a tech lead, seems this kind of stuff would (have) fit my MO where i love to figure out and outline the overall architecture and do vertical alice of the solution, but then lose interest and steam when having to finish the implementation, which in what i described would be the work of the rest of the team.

    am i misunderstanding what the position should be about?
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    I feel ya. You need to try and find an opening to stand your ground. Tell them you need to think about the architecture or review some old code or study a possible new tech for a new feature
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