So... I'm pretty much dead inside.

But today I laughed in a meeting.

Nearly died of laughter.

We're currently understaffed for various reasons, especially the ongoing migrations etc.

So a lot of projects are currently in "maintenance" mode (e.g. no new features) - cause we lack the necessary man power.

The meeting was more or less:

Team: We had an ongoing discussion in the team regarding logging and possibilities of tracing and XY suggested we implement OpenTelemetry in *all* projects in the next weeks, can we do that?"

Sometimes I'm not sure If I'm in a sitcom for torture experts.

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    Their secret is not knowing the effort actual work takes. They just red a few manuals on how to drill people and keep squeezing lmao
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    i hope you didn't mute yourself while laughing, since that's the most appropriate answer to that question
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    Nah. Was unmuted and my reaction made the answer pretty obvious. ;)
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