Arrived at office then almost immediately the boss, who's also a developer, tells me he changed something on the protocol/api.

Me thinking: u just broke the api without thinking on consequences but hey... Ur the boss...

Later, he says: look, our app crashes!

Me: obviously...

:/ what the f**k was he thinking... :/

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    welcome to dev rant. Make sure to tell him that all APIs, once in production, are used by someone, and that they need to change in a predictable way. In a previous job, I had to explain to the backend dev why he cannot change the values in a json field as he liked.
    me: "this will break both mobile clients, as they expect something else in this field"
    him: "web frontend has no problem with this change"
    me :facepalm: : "you moronic asshole. delete your ssh keys, and gtfo".
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    @magicMirror thanks!
    Indeed ur right but lost all my will to say something as my views, opinions and advices are mostly ignored. Need to change job i know but when you have kids and such things aren't so easy...
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    @pmike I feel you. but being unhappy at work can lead to you being unhappy at home, and that can't be good. Talk to your boss, or start the search for the next job.
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    I chose pill #2 @magicMirror :)
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    @pmike GL then. Make sure to choose a good boss who will listen to you.
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    Is this the reason why people have their APIs setup with version numbers?

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    @t04glovern it depends, some like versioning some dont. The concrete case i rant about was like saying this message will always behave like this and the payload will always have this format and suddenly he brakes all assumptions and conventions previously established and changes the payload format... Typical SISO - Shit in Shit Out... :/
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    @Doh-Vah-Kiin if you delete your SSH keys from their servers you can no longer use them.

    Seems like a very Dev way of saying you're fired
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    Good rant! Happened to me a few times too with my boss. :D
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