Prioritize work/life balance

These companies don’t give a F about you

If you die slaving for them, they’ll move on like you never existed to begin with.

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    Just to add my two cents: stop doing overtime everyday by working on evenings or working weekends. From time to time if its really crunchtime and if you willl be rewarded with a bonus or some days off then its fine. Otherwise if it turns out that you cant complete something until deadline by putting in your 8hrs a day then inform your management and move on.

    It just means that they failed to manage their resources, you as a dev quite often will not be able to predict accurately how long something can take. In these cases working on something will turn like a scene in Malcom in the Middle where Hal tries to fix the lightbulb. Just re-estimate the task and be done with it later.
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    Not true. They'll complain that you couldn't do a KT before dying
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    I would go even further - do the bare minimum. If you put 50% of effort every day then once it's really needed you can do 70% - and you will get praised for a great work. If you're too efficient all you will get will be more work.
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    @msdsk unfortunately that's exactly how it actually works
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    @msdsk Exactly. This man has it figured out.

    Nobody is going to reward you if you give it your 100%. Save that effort for your next job interview, which *will* reward you.

    Rinse and repeat until you get to a place you like - financially and job satisfaction wise. Then you can do whatever you want.
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    I find myself wondering why they make shit more annoying over time.

    when they could just allow progress.
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    Or get Stockholm Syndrome and tell yourself it’s the “hustle”
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    @MM83 yeah me i truly feel connected to the people slowly stealing my life away as they sit and talk about 'point sparring' 15 years later or so. at a guess. with the same person.
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