why can't people be shooting up old folks home, government centers, and anywhere old trash that stole our culture hides ? why does it have to be fucking schools !

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    to correct your rant:

    why can't people be shooting up _nothing_?
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    I quote now a song that explains it very well:

    We don′t need no education
    We don't need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teacher, leave them kids alone
    Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone

    All in all it′s just another brick in the wall
    All in all you're just another brick in the wall

    We don't need no education
    We don′t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers, leave them kids alone
    Hey, teachers, leave those kids alone

    All in all you′re just another brick in the wall
    All in all you're just another brick in the wall

    Wrong, do it again
    If you don′t eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding
    How can you have any pudding if you don′t eat yer meat?
    You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!


    Add the missing welfare, the missing social programs, the religious (mis-)interpretations, the fanatism, the racism, ...

    Honestly, it's a miracle when one child comes out unharmed out of it's childhood without being unprepared for the harsh reality that it has to face.
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    America has a mental health crisis that’s pretty obvious, if someone deserves a shot in the metaphorical foot is the generations of Americans allowing their gov to run them over. The younger generations always end up paying the bill unfortunately.
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    @tosensei well major problem with that is the assumption that our culture hasn't been willfully degraded by people who just like seeing people die and therefore that there are many many people who DON'T deserve to be shot.

    if there were from my perspective, less people that deserved to be shot than do deserve to be shot I'd wholly agree.

    But the desire for peace and not to be troubled is what allowed this underbelly of perverts, murderers, rapists, and slavers to grow in the first place.

    So therefore, since they seem to have no intention but to literally CAUSE or FEIGN the same tragedies they allowed to happen for one reason or another, even plotted and then hypocritically decried, the reason I can see for the constant gun control point is there are still people who aren't helpless that are not like their trashy selves. and they're afraid of having their victims shoot them.


    peace is admirable and desirable, but likely we can't have it yet because of THEM.
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    @JKyll I know I have !

    just so some large group of trash can ride around on merri-go-round of formerly smirking, now grimacing slow death and suck up all the resources that should have been mine.
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    @IntrusionCM it is a miracle. *waves* hiya. unfortunately the 'reality' these people spew out of their filthy sewers is a bit on the filthy lie side but is true enough among them.

    I could deal with violence in my country, just not the type of violence that claims the lives of chidlren just 'cuz statistically would have happened anyway'

    all this disgusting corner cutting for their own fucked up amusement.
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    @IntrusionCM alot of people ascribe the present shootings in schools to a group of pedophiles that occupied and infiltrated those towns and created the scenario to let someone kill the kids so they could derive sick pleasure from gnashing their teeth hypocritically and crying 'oh poor me oh god no what have they done' while thinking ('yes!' and 'less bills !')
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    @IntrusionCM thats the kind of trash i keep ranting about in case you're wondering what has me so upset all the time.
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    @AvatarOfKaine you've derailed in my opinion from senseful question to "whatever description fits the insanity you wrote".

    I cannot make sense of your answers, cause they don't seem to be connected to the real world
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    @AvatarOfKaine oh yeah. the typical "us vs. them" fallacy. there is no "them". there's just _people_. and separating people into groups is the root cause of ALL problems society has. because you reduce "them" to an abstraction of evil, and "us" to an abstraction of good.

    and in short: nobody deserves to be shot - period.
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    @IntrusionCM oh but they are.
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    @tosensei that is a willfully and seemingly malevolently phrased response feigning ignorance of simple truth.

    so, some guy who starves his kid while going next door and getting fed by his chomo neighbor deserves to live ?

    or people who knock up several women simulatenously, raise one kid and then sell the others who they keep hidden with other people and introduce them into a lifelong 'career' as prostitutes and destroy their minds making them likely to become sex offenders, more because they're easier to control then and manipulatable, those people deserve to live ?

    there is a very very distinct 'us vs them'. don't be stupid.
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    @AvatarOfKaine no, that's just basic humanism, combined with some common sense and a huge dash of "not being an asshole".

    maybe, _in your personal opinion_, the monster next door deserves death. in _my personal opinion_, nobody does. human rights are for ALL human beings, no matter what circumstances.

    and a fact, unrelated to any opinion: the guy next door which you shot because you believed him a monster, but turned out to be innocent after all, can not be brought back to life.

    now imagine someone accidentally (or "accidentally") killing someone you love because they thought they were justified by _your_ reasoning. are you still pro-violence?

    and the only distinction between "us" and "them" is because unempathic, stick-in-the-mud primate-brains who believe there is an inherent distinction. the only borders are the ones we draw ourselves.
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    @tosensei the monster next door doesn't extend rights to anyone. the monster next door often coinhabits and breeds and conspires with other monsters.

    you don't throw food to cockroaches you gas them.
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    @AvatarOfKaine well - do you see anyone throwing food to you?
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    @tosensei does not parse :P I forget the fallacy the last statement represents but it implies 'you are a cockroach' which doesn't make sense because in the earlier explanation the cockroach was compared with a barely human monster that destroys the happiness of other innocent people and innocent people in general therefore :P

    just doesn't relate :P

    nice attempt at a petty insult however :P
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    @AvatarOfKaine to me, anyone who even vaguely is "pro death sentence" qualifies as "barely human monster that destroy the happiness of innocent people".

    therefore, it does relate.
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    @tosensei not really.

    apparently either you're a hypocrite or don't really grasp the kind of people i'm describing.

    its better off dead.
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    @tosensei the critters thrive, if you can call it that, on destroying innocence, happiness, and making everything dysfunctional.

    they'll keep a person running around in circles and misery for half their life just because it makes them feel relieved.

    they beat on children with all the pity of someone playing a video game and treat them like less than property, and play sick twisted mind games making them think everything will eventually be all right in order to get them to not complain, sometimes killing, mutilating or permamently damaging their brains, lungs, skin and marring them.

    they breed children in secret so they have no identifying paperwork.

    this is the kind of scum you'd like to be alive ?

    you're a fucking moron.
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    @tosensei maybe if tosensei gets to know what its like to have all his earthly hopes and kindness marred, spit on and frustrated, or gets locked in a closet, not bathed, and dragged out and brutally raped and tortured daily while being told its his fault he'll have a place to talk.

    because that's what the barely human garbage i'm describing have done and more.

    the whole country is fucked up because of their stupid asses and their hypocrisy and their lies, and their feigning ignorance and pretending to be innocent so they can make detecting them harder while fucking everything else up for everyone else and they get off on that to.

    fuck them. they're not human. and they're less than animals.

    least i'd feel sorry for a cow i had to shoot. or a dog i had to put down.
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    @tosensei and hey man, if you like, they'd get off on the fact that for a time I was saying shit like you're saying now.

    i'm actually generally peaceful and do not like violence or problems, but they fucked themselves and made a whollleee lot of people like me.

    and now they're getting old in many cases.

    or they were never strong in others.
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    @tosensei but they'd agree with you to their last breath unless they thought they could get you killed in their place, so they could jerk off some.
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    @tosensei and these are not exaggerations either. i didn't used to believe there were people like this.
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    @AvatarOfKaine saying things like "they're not human" is the where your whole argumentation is wrong.

    the point where you declare ANY human being as "not human", you legitimise every crime, ever. even what those people are doing.

    because, besides the biological definition of human, which you are denying with your opinions, there IS no objective definition of human. only subjective opinions of what is a person worth living, and what is not. and, by definition, NO subjective definition CAN be _right_, or be used as the basis for a common set of values.

    if i'm wrong, then please prove to me, without relying solely on YOUR personal values, that your definition of "human" and "not human" is correct.

    by dehumanizing people, for whatever reason, you legitimise EVERY act of violence. you legitimise what hitler or stalin did. what totalitarian leaders did all through history.

    you legitimise the exact thing you said you despise.

    you prove you're a bad person.

    nothing more.
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    @tosensei a prerequisite of a DECENT person killing them is to deny they are human. destroying your own race just cuz qualifies a person as less than san animal. they are the type that qualify a person as human and then relish their suffering.
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    @tosensei sophists would blush with envy btw. exploiting shallow humane sentiment to protect people who treat others with 0 sympathy, especially the most vulnerable and innocent of their own species, who's behaviors are exceedingly animalistic like some rat toothed creature lurking around a nest.
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    @AvatarOfKaine a prerequisite of a person being decent is not denying another human being to be human.
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