[CMS of Doom™]
Gotta love the fact that the fuckers who originally "coded" this abomination of a CMS implemented a method which replaces some text before sending the HTML to the client.
Guess what fucks with my code?

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    It’s supposed to be a feature.

    Automagically raising the 3 for cubic meters.

    Convenient but very dangerous unless very specific.
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    @Voxera Yeah, it was implemented with the best intentions 🤭
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    cubic meter moment
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    Hey bro think you have to get a rest night and fuck you code very hardly
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    @PonySlaystation such features usually are and as the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
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    At least they could have only matched it properly: /\bm[24]\b/ you wouldn't be able to mention m4 rifles.
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