A repressed memory just popped into my head:

At my former job I tried to explain a problem I was having to the tech lead. Then, without fully understanding the problem, he decided to rewrite my code that I had been working on for weeks. His code, that took him 2 days to write, went straight to master without peer review.

He introduced about 10 regressions…

Queue the client meeting where the client says “These bugs came back, and we thought they were fixed already…” (They demo the bugs)

So obviously I say “I’ll let Techlead address that one.”

He just mumbles some stuff, and goes quiet for the rest of the meeting. Finally, when the meeting was wrapping up we hear “It’s Fixed!”

Everyone was like ???

“That bug from earlier, it’s fixed, it should work now….”

Would you believe this guy decided to code during the entire meeting, clearly missing important feedback and information that would help him understand the problem. Again, pushing to master without review….

Not to mention that we were talking about 10 regressions…

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    What an idiot. Sounds like the random code monkey becomes tech lead und doesn't realize it pattern.

    Must be kinda hard to decide who becomes tech lead though. Often they put more weight on the tech part than the lead part. Or just promote the alpha nerd who has been there from the beginning and "knows the code base best".
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    That is very frustrating. A guy who is a little too focused on one problem.
    Sounds like both of you need to swap roles.
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    @horus your use of "pattern" has me rolling, haha
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    Sounds like a true developer, freaking out the non-talents with actual work rather than endless conversations.
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    @Nihil75 You can have him… Take as many “true developers” as you can; I don’t want them on my projects…
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    That was sad.
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