Dear Microsoft,

I really like SQL Server, but my dbms (ssms) is like 2 years old, I installed it from a predownloaded exe we had.
Can you please let me download the update without asking me to register?
Everyday for the last years I had to see the update notification and resist the urge to click it and be prompted with a login page

Dearly, a Linux user who develops in .NET, sometimes

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    "I really like SQL Server" - you've ever heard of postgre? (:
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    @tosensei you ever heard of customers wanting to use a thing and you satisfying them like the good developers we are?
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    @Manuch customers don’t know what they want tho, they want us to make it work
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    @Manuch that's why the project i inherited is a flaming heap of skunk turds.

    which is why i've developed some skill in saying "no, customer, that's a bullshit idea. here is why. and here is what we could do instead."

    and in some rare occasions, they actually do take the less shitty option.
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    They bought a license for an expensive big ass software called Arca Evolution and it is written in FoxPro + SQL Server

    They decided to buy this software on their own, I just came in some years ago and started getting paid to write them and other customers customization and new functions on demand.
    (they've been using this software for at least 10 year)

    Ofc if a customer comes to me and just asks for a webserver or something I'm choosing what I think it's better, it's not a customer choice what runs on it, they just want a great site / app looking and working like they asked to and they are going to get it, but it's my business and responsibility what runs on it.

    But if you inherit something you don't have much choiche.
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    @tosensei you know the fact I never bothered with posgresql seems fairly universal lol
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    @Manuch not the only reason to use sql server but ok
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    @tosensei that has nothing to do with Microsoft's one of two good products

    Besides I'm noting version one of a customer driven project tends to always be a flaming sack of shit

    The navy was using lights switch !
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    not the only reason to use sql server but ok
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    not the only reason to use sql server but ok
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    @MorwinMahi dcfgvbhjmkl;
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