Hiring a third party to help us with something...
Third party: yeah okay, we know what we need. Can we get access to your git repo
Me: sure, I'll make sure you'll get it
(To the admins): hey can you get them access to our git server?
Admins: did they sign the personal data processing contract?
Me: oh they won't work with any personal data. It's a dev server and they only need access to the source code. And the usual contracts and NDAs are already done
Admins: well we still need the other one.

... Sure. Why not. Just delays the start of the process for... Like a week and a half until that useless bit of paper has passed through all the necessary departments. Not like time's an issue. Right?

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    i'm starting to believe that some people working at IT department don't exactly possess something like a soul. it's like they don't give a shit anymore, about anything. just let everything burn and explode, it's either not their responsibility or some bullshit deliverable or process is missing.
    yeah, also go ahead and connect me with some random foreign call center guy with crappy mic who has no idea of our site infrastructure... and also i love to be on hold and explain my problem for 42 times, that really feels like a productive day -.-
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    It's just their CYA. Your CYA might be to inform your boss about the associated schedule risk. Ultimately, both of you pushing it back to management that is responsible for the cumbersome process in the first place.
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    @Fast-Nop yup, they're already in the loop. I'm complaining less about the admins and more about the stupid process ^^ ultimately they're just the messengers
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    Makes sense. The code is dealing with user data and the devs are deciding what the code does with the user data. So obviously, the devs deal with user data by proxy.

    The whole process of letting contractors sign that they don't do what is forbidden by law anyways is just compliance theater in the first place. Not the management's fault and also not the legal department's fault either. Please be a kind person and just go through the bureaucracy checklist without making things even more annoying for everyone.
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    @Oktokolo yeah, can't really help it. It's still annoying ^^ I'm not gonna put any roadblocks in the way, that'd be really hypocritical.
    Oh but no, this part of the code isn't even doing user data. But who cares at this point ^^
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    @CodingPeasant Probably the legal department or whomever's job it is to keep the state's and competitor's lawyers at bay ;)

    Sometimes rules overcommit a bit to avoid having to check each case individually.
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    @soull00t When I started in our corporate, I often wondered why are 5+ years colleagues so letargic, zero initative, etc... I slowly became the same over the years.

    Catch 22 of some of the corporate processes will numb you down and you either leave, go crazy, or stop giving a shit. You do what you were told although you know it's nonsense. Especially when changing those policies feels like pissing against a hurricane.
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    @qwwerty same here. I still get annoyed by the stupid processes, but... Well you can't change it anyway, so why bother
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