Me wanting to board Plane,
Goes through security Check...
"Sorry sir Laptops are not allowed."
"It could be a modified bomb"
"But this is a Tablet!"
"No sir, it has a Keyboard and Trackpad attached to it, its also running Windows..."
"Excuse me, but this is clearly a Tablet"
*Detatches Keyboard from Surface Book*
"See? Tablet."
"Sorry sir, but no. You cant board the plane with this, only Tablets and Smartphones"
"WTF? you dont allow Laptops because they could be bombs but A FUCKING SMARTPHONE IS ALLOWED? AND TABLETS TOO?!"
"Yes, because the Battery is not removable..."
"But my Laptop Battery is also not Removable..."
"I dont have anymore Time for an Argument"
"So I can board the Plane?"
"No, the Ticket will be refunded"


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    Don't know for sure but definately not a dev. Also as far as I know a Surface is considered a tablet.
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    Did it actually happen? I mean did someone blow up a plane using a laptop hiding a bomb? Don't laptops go through x-ray at the security check ?
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    @Hallelouia From what I've heard, lithium batteries and C4 packs look very alike under X-ray. But I hadn't heard of security forbidding laptops. Closest I'd heard was about having to prove it works to be able to board with it.

    OP, where did this happen?
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    @CptFox ok, that's good to know, I guess.

    Well there's the USA's laptop ban (like: how to not get foreign devs in your country.)
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    But everyone knows that you use cellphones for bombs, just like in the movies. Laptops are too expensive to waste on blowing them up pfff.
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    @Seag Or you just happen to have a Samsung xD
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    Because the battery is not removable on a smartphone??? Prick either knows nothing or lives on Mars with his iPhone.
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    @Jop- my phone is an LG 2017 model with removable battery.
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    @longshorts To be fair, most smartphones don't have removable battery, and most people are fine with it.

    And yes that security guy has the bad role, but he also didn't make the rules, and not following them could cost him his job.
    Maybe he's even already been blamed for letting laptops that were obviously safe pass and can't risk letting anything that looks like one through anymore, or he won't be able to save up for his daughter's studies ?

    Imagine people complexly. It's hard to do, especially in settings like an airport or when the regulations imposed on them make them act like fleshy robots. It's easy to see them as drones or NPCs when going about our own lives, but I feel it helps to tame frustration to think of people as more than "that prick who wouldn't make an exception for me, even though it was a small thing".

    Still, the people who passed the "no laptops" rule are complete retards. Very complex, full of their own hopes and dreams, retards.
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    The technicalities of it being a laptop or a tablet are shitty at best, but that's a shitty air-liner anyway, I can remove the battery from my phone EASIER than I can from most of my laptops.
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    I'm thinking maybe incidents like this over reacting securities might piss off people too much so they actually make bombs out of laptops...
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    That's weird... They count my Chromebook as a tablet
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    Which airlines?
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    Wtf? I just recently went to California with a huge ass notebook on my backpack.

    This is insane.
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    the surface is a tablet. i can get a keyboard for a kindle fire.

    I know windows has it's privacy issues, but i'm pretty sure it's not "BombOS" or anything
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    What airline was this? It's definitely not common practice. I've been on a plane 5 times this year (Canada -> US) and had a laptop with me everytime.
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    This is very stupid, similar things happen to me all the time. I once had a water bottle on the outside of my bag and nobody cared. The other day the security guy takes me and my laptop and completely disassembles it. I had to put it together after that so I could board. To be fair, I made some modifications to it (new power switch, new m.2 module, new harddrive). But I was never asked to not take it on the plane. Wtf.
    Also, @CptFox , are you by chance a nerdfighter? The phrase "Imagine people complexly." reminds me of the vlogbrothers. If so, DFTBA!
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    @Jop- unibody != non-removable battery. I think in most of smartphones you can replace battery fairly easy (obviously not like before, where a non-techie could do it), specially considering you're into making bombs.
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    @jobylie Not a full fledged one, I'm unfortunately too lazy to suck to the forums and all. But I've been an avid follower of the vlog brothers for a few years, as well as of their educational channel.

    But I love their philosophy and admire the more active nerdfighters for their dedication to "decreasing world suck, increasing world awesome" 😊
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    @CptFox great to meet one of their followers outside their own community.
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    Later after some time

    Security - Sorry sir, cloths are now allowed
    You - But why ?
    Security - you could choke someones mouth with it
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    Not ....
    Motherfucking autocorrect.... son of stupid developers
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    Would you please be so kind to specify the airline and departure / destination?
    That could cover up whether it's having a system or just bad performance.
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    Lg g5 phone and Toshiba Satellite laptop.
    You need screwdriver to remove laptop's battery and a working hand or leg to remove phone's battery.
    Yeah, fuck the system.
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    TSA = Pointless invasion of privacy
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    I have never heard of such thing ever, you must be living in a pretty stupid place.
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    So it's neither administration failure or political failure. The whole blame goes to laptops. Great!!
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    Terrorists win.
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