When I was little, my father told me about this thing he did when he was younger, he could tell a computer what to do, programming, and he promised me one day he'll teach me how to do it myself, but that day never came. A few years later, at age 10, I went to a "technology" summer camp, where one topic was programming in Processing, and I was really excited to do it, so excited and interested, that the place where I did I'd accepted me in their Coderdojo​ without having to wait the list (kinda cheating).There I learned Processing for three years, and how to use GitHub, until last year I decided to become a "teacher" myself (the topics we dealt with were really basic, and there were only beginners).
Other things I did is showing the people of my class how to program in TI-BASIC with our schools calculators, because, as they say, teaching is the best way to learn.
This course we started informatics at school, but the teacher isn't really an expert, and the few things he knows (apart from php4) I teached him.
I'm now constantly learning new things by Googling them and setting high goals for myself.

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