Better I start learning COBOL now!

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    I am seriously considering this.
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    @AdrianD dude, it's legacy COBOL.... Not even for 350 an hour
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    Why don't they rebuild it?
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    @JsonC11 I think it's more expensive than paying some dude 350$/hr XD
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    @AdrianD hmm just wait another 10 years and see what it costs them then lol
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    I feel like if I came in at 22 and took a COBOL job, I'd be paid hardly anything more than I would for a normal language. The fact that they earn so much is probably due to their age and years of work experience as much as due to short supply.

    Then again, supply gets lower and lower as people retire... Maybe it will be a good time investment 55 years after COBOL went out of style, even if only so you can read and rewrite it in another language, like Perl :p
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    > Legacy
    > COBOL
    > Airforce

    I dread to think how much chaos a syntax error or a boolean flipped the wrong way could cause.

    Millions of dollars and people's lives,
    Per plane that code's running on.

    Think I'll stick to javascript tbh
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    Don't do it. It's a trap.
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    In the next decade, there even may be a degree for Legacy Programming offered by colleges lol
    There is going to be a huge demand of these skills because some big big companies are using old old practices.
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    The company bills 350 but the consultant will get a normal wage. Also, any government contractor will be highly paid because they need clearance. It's not about the particular language, although cobol is an obscure niche that does help.
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    I came out of college with an associates. My first and current job still has code in COBOL we still maintain and are converting slowly. I didn't know COBOL at all. It took me all of 2 weeks to catch up on the basics. It's really not so bad :c
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