People like this disgust me. I know one guy I worked with that bought his kid one of these, I asked him what for and he said: "there's that fortnite game everybody talks about"
Spoild brat.

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    I am thankful if casual users buy current premium products annually. Their expenses allow the companies to invest in R&D, allowing me to buy the reasonable midtier products rather cheap every few years.
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    All i see is that you look rather greenish.
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    Lol if I had the means to buy 1 or 2 or 8 gtx 2080ti I would, even if it's to play a CPU only game, I wouldn't give a fuck about a guy thinking I shouldn't, halfway through the world.

    Stupidity as it's finest.
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    @deodexed I would too, not because I want to play fortnite, but for something useful. If I had to buy them for gaming I would settle with a 1060
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    A year or two ago I built a PC for a spoiled brat (without me knowing at first).

    a guy walked into my old workshop to ask if we could build a PC.
    budget was 5K.
    We pivked the best components at the time and did some hardline watercooling and got the best OC out of it I could get.
    While I delivered it, I asked the guy what games hr was going to play.
    He said: "it's for my son, he plays a lot of Minecraft and makes some videos using windoes movie maker"

    Never have I ever felt the urge to destroy a PC on purpose...
    until that very moment...
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    Me: 6700k GTX1060 8Gb ... Flash and html5 games all day... Kill me
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    @deodexed I would too.
    But only too try Deep Learning out again. Those cards would need to work very hard.
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    @TCPizza I did. And weiredly enought that also felt overpowered (compared to my GTX 750 Ti).
    But was probably my best decision since I could play some AAA-Titles at 60fps with reasonable details and record them.

    But the most use I currently get out of it is playing Overwatch at 60 fps using dxvk.
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    @slouma 1060 with 8 gigs? Wtf?
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    i thought frostmourne was unobtainable!!!! 🤔🤔😱😱😱😱
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    @hitzoR yaaap 6gb is what i meant
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    It because i play minecraft with shaders XD
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    @TCPizza @LinusCDE you both don't play much, right? 1060 "overpowered", "enough" 😂

    Be careful with these phrases and the "for something useful". It always depends on the point of view 😉
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    I mean, they then have the ability to play whatever their heart desires for a while. Let people enjoy things lol.
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    *cries with my Chromebook*
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    If the kid is rich, I wouldn't care how clueless his parents were. Now, if you said "Clueless kid with rich parents", that'd be a different story.
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