I love being a consultant, and I love my job. However, I’ve been working with this client for the past few months and the past few weeks have been so draining. 90% of the people at the client’s side are super nice people, and then there’s this one person that just barks orders at us whenever a tiny thing is broken. Everything is urgent, everything is top priority, and we need to drop whatever we’re doing to fix what they deem urgent. I am currently pretty much the only dev doing both support and feature development at the same time and I am getting mentally very tired.

Whenever something is broken we get shit feedback, but for all our efforts there’s never any positive feedback. Mind you, the project isn’t even publicly accessible yet, it’s in a “alpha” phase where there are only a handful of users testing the program.

How do you guys deal with people like this?

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    There is always going to be more or less problematic people. If you like your current assignment you will have to find some sort of solution so that going to work feels ok. Does not have to feel fantastic but you should be ok with the situation. I kind of think you do not feel that way. So, something has to be done. Remember, as a consultant, there is a lot of jobs out there but you will have to do it properly and professionally. And, there is no telling if the new job is better or worse. Often, it is both.

    I have been at it for 16 years now (15 as a consultant) and there is way more oppertunities out there than you think if you are serious about software. My advice is to actually try and leave and find a new assignment.

    Life is too short my dude! And that guy will not change!
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    oh gawd you sound like one of the contract devs working for me, i hope i'm not "that guy"... lol...
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    I don't deal with people like that.
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