you know I've watched a lot of people waste their lives.

all the warm and fuzzy sentimentality I grew up to gone out the window, the subject of ownership and personal possession disrespected to the point that robot people just fucked their only chances of being anything but machines.

its fun.

just like when you people duplicate my past posts on here.

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    It's something so chaotic, yet so human about your rants

    i love em!
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    @Drunkzee well generally they're truthful whereas the other people either mimic things I said years back or try to create some perfect character explaining their lack of humanity and the specific way it manifests so far as I can tell
    And did you say this before ? Yes. Glad to be amusing.

    Suspend this cyclical bullshit or make life much happier while providing purpose and I'm far more entertaining heh
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    @Drunkzee that feeling of sacrificing for SOMETHING and deserving the ability to rest and glut I miss. At the very least hoping for improvement in the future heh
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    @Drunkzee you remember those psycho people from next door in the purge that sneak into the families house towards the end ? That's what the bastards I now twice told I'd outlive remind me of
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    @AvatarOfKaine wasn't there a thingy about all people have 3 faces?
    * how others see them
    * how they see themselves
    * how they really are

    I guess we all are carefully building our first face by trying to hide the shortcomings of the second, but in the process we let only the worse of the third to be seen

    Or i might be talking out of my ass, im not event sure anymore 😅
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    @Drunkzee yeah well, that usually is to cover things we're ashamed of, like our weaknesses, or vices, or bigotry.

    these people are monsters who don't have an underneath, just the monster part.

    thats all there is to them. so its a tad bit of an over humanized exxageration to suggest there is anuything else all they do is lust and desire to cause harm wherever they can and waste their whole lives in devotion to that in many cases.
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    @Drunkzee these people should be more ashamed of themselves
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    I guess we (as a species) are able to do as much good as evil

    I just hope that the end of the day it evens out at least
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    @Drunkzee what annoys me is the many many people who would agree as you just did that secretly are thinking how clever it makes them look to champion the cause of "right and good" to disguise their evil. The last generation was filled with such people

    And interestingly I've seen so many younger than myself apparently reap the rewards of this by people looking for an excuse to hurt them who gave them the opportunity to be evil

    But apparently not without some strings attached

    You think they learn their lessons ?
    Is there a point of return from the twisted life altering things they did to people like me for example ? Of course not. On both counts. One reinforces the other.

    But they have often physically degraded at rapid rates.

    Whereas my curse has been when I was really 41 as opposed to now I could easily have passed as 30. I don't view this so much as a curse since I still look younger than I really am though I don't feel I pass for 41 but whatever...
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    @Drunkzee I feel that to diguise how much potential life holds to make a few bitter twisted evil fucks happy they used people like me to cover up the passage of time go exert control over and ruin the next generation in totality

    For what ?
    Is the world better ?

    My gen would have done so much better overall and was overall filled with young people

    Some of which had dreams and hopes
    Like myself
    Or were driven to greater things
    Like myself
    And my story has so many insensible twists and turns it's hard to unmuddle all the confusing chapters of it

    But about I'd say 15 years or so of buried history ago the current weird freaks really really started being visible around us

    And they're animals
    They should literally be In a pen
    In a pen and not shot because it would be more humane maybe.

    They can't be trusted with anything important to the human race society the law anything

    Christ the worst I fantasized about was fucking loose women and smoking weed !
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