Has anyone worked with p5.js? Any thoughts?

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    I heard about it but never used it. I was scared that time but I can give a go.
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    @error503 I felt the same way but I've watched a few videos on YouTube and the guy teaching it is awesome, so I'm thinking about giving it a go as well.
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    @FluffyFingers Awesome, I' ll give a go too. Who the fuck knows I am might start loving it. This life is so complicated.
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    Oh come on, ANOTHER ONE?
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    @RazorSh4rk another one?
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    @error503 yeah I saw that guy's videos as well, I think his channel is called Coding train. He is good.
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    It is fun and useful, but for web development you are better off with react or vue. P5 is a data and drawing themed library.
    If you can make it happen to be a websites background, than you won.
    Also, Shiffman is awesome.
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    Just search 'Coding Train' on YouTube and you'll find all the p5.js tutorials you'll ever need.
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